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Pacers Are a Mess After Another Humiliating Loss
March 8, 2014

by Bert Beiswanger After the Pacers’ latest humiliating performance Saturday in Houston, a 112-86 loss to the Rockets, I was left thinking this team is a mess right now. If that performance surprised you, you aren’t paying attention. I didn’t need to watch this game, though I tried to as hard as it was. I […]

Indiana Pacers Enjoying Almost Nonstop National Coverage After Loss to Miami Heat
December 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling  The heat is on for the Indiana Pacers, and it’s the kind of heat that moves tickets, merchandise, and ratings. After a decade of languishing among franchises like the Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Bobcats, and Washington Wizards, the Pacers are now in a media spotlight almost as intense as that enjoyed by the […]

Hangover Part Six. The Pacers Have Felt This Pain Before
June 6, 2013

by Bert Beiswanger I should’ve taken a B-12 vitamin prior to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m told they work well to prevent the pain of hangovers – not that I would know. What I do know is we’ve been here before. For all the Indiana Pacers accomplished, Tuesday felt like a hangover […]

Indiana Pacers – Game Six Is Time to Nut Up and Play for Each Other or Be Satisfied
May 31, 2013

by Kent Sterling If the Pacers are under the delusion that because they are young, a future of opportunities in the conference finals is assured, they should dispel them.  With Derrick Rose coming back to the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade likely regaining some measure of health, and David West entering free agency, this opportunity needs […]

Second Half Collapse Dooms Pacers as Heat Win 90-79 to Take 3-2 Lead
May 30, 2013

by Kent Sterling It was right there for the taking.  Control of the Eastern Conference Finals was lazily ceded by the Miami Heat to the Indiana Pacers in the first half, but the Pacers deferred.  Then LeBron James reported for duty with focus, and now they face an elimination game Saturday night at Bankers Life […]

Splitsville! Pacers Coming Home with Home Court Advantage After Beating Heat 97-93
May 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling How do you beat Sunday?  The Indy 500 followed by Game One of a best-of-five with Indiana holding home court advantage will make May 26th one of the best sports days in Indianapolis since the heyday of Reggie Miller’s Pacers. The Pacers outlasted the Heat tonight, as they were able to close […]