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Indiana Pacers down 3-1 after never being in 102-90 Game Four loss
May 26, 2014

by Kent Sterling This one was over shortly after it started.  Chris Bosh scored early and often, and the Heat’s defense had intensity the Pacers were unable to match at either end. Last year, it appeared throughout the Eastern Conference Finals that the Pacers were the better team.  Not so much in 2014.  Not sure […]

Indiana Pacers – Champion Heat rise up late to take home court back in 87-83 loss
May 20, 2014

by Kent Sterling Anyone who thought the Miami Heat were just going to sit back and accept their fate as the Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference Finals punching bag grossly underestimated the two-time defending champs.  Anyone who thinks the Pacers are going to roll over after the series was tied at 1-1 insults Indiana’s resolve. The […]

Miami Repeat as Champs as Spurs Wither Down the Stretch to Lose 95-88
June 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling As the game remained close well into the second half, it seemed the Miami Heat were waiting for the moment to unleash the hounds of war and assert their will. The Spurs fought with pride, but like the Spartans at Thermopylae, the opposing horde was too much to take on when the […]