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Bears Sign Jay Cutler to Seven-Year Extension; Mediocrity Ensure Through 2020
January 2, 2014

by Kent Sterling Jay Cutler is fool’s gold, and the Chicago Bears just spent a bunch of gold like fools. The Bears have consigned themselves to mediocrity for the foreseeable future by locking themselves into a franchise quarterback level seven-year deal (GM Phil Emery refused to specify the cash allotted in the deal) with a […]

Chicago Bears – Today Should Be Black Monday for Jay Cutler; Change at QB Needed
December 30, 2013

by Kent Sterling Jay Cutler is not a bad quarterback, and the Chicago Bears didn’t lose to the Green Bay Packers yesterday because of his play.  But the Bears don’t win enough with Cutler to justify a pricey extension that will prevent the Bears from using their money to bolster other areas of need (like […]