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Indianapolis Colts Owner Tweets Non-Dynamic Pricing Strategy for Colts Tickets
August 14, 2013

by Kent Sterling Ahh, Twitter.  What would we write about in August without Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay explaining the inner workings of his team – from the dressing down his “commanders” received following the 24-point loss to the Buffalo Bills, and today’s effort to justify the pricing strategy for tickets, parking, and concessions. Click […]

Jim Irsay Tweets Must Irk the Button-Down NFL
May 17, 2011

by Kent Sterling You have to love Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.  He speaks his mind, regardless of how his comments are perceived. I’m sure NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would like the 32 franchise owners to either shut up or sing from the same hymnal.  Anyone who has ever hear Irsay play the guitar and […]