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Kentucky Basketball Fans Take Criticism Over One-&-Dones So Personally
March 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling “Calipari doesn’t like the (one-and-done) rule anymore than you do!” a relentless wave of Kentucky fans write in their comments to my posts critical of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari. They also write that Calipari just recruits the kids destined for the NBA better than anyone else, and to hate Kentucky for […]

No Way Louisville Can Be Denied Tonight against John Calipari and Kentucky
March 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling With every word out of John Calipari’s mouth at the Midwest Sweet Sixteen in Indianapolis, I lost more faith in humanity.  During a time when honesty matters less and less in government and business, Calipari is setting a course for the sub-basement where truth is not acknowledged as a concept. His assessments […]

KentSterling.com – What We Do; How We Do It; and What Makes It Different
November 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling KentSterling.com tells the truth through the eyes of Kent Sterling, which makes it inherently unique.  That’s pretty simple.  That’s the brand, and everything posted here reinforces it.  The drive to tell the truth isn’t a marketing position, but the only thing I believe to be worth my time and effort. Writing is […]

Kentucky Continues to Neglect Series With Indiana After Loss at Assembly Hall
November 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling There was an interesting, but one-sided debate yesterday on Twitter about Kentucky’s lack of desire to play Indiana at either Rupp Arena or Assembly Hall after the UK 73-72 loss to the Hoosiers in Bloomington on December 10, 2011. Dan Dakich challenged Kentucky fans with logic, and Kentucky fans responded – as […]

NCAA Football and College Basketball – Why Not Pay Players to Their Value?
September 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Why is it inherently bad to pay college athletes commensurate to their value?  Other than it never being done – at least not above the table – is there any justification for not allowing basic economics to operate unfettered for athletes whose work makes a lot of money for everyone associated with […]