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Lou Anna Simon resigns as Michigan State president – still doesn’t get it #Spartans
January 25, 2018

People never want to admit responsibility for causing misery.  Maybe there is something in our psyche that just can’t accept that we could have stopped horrible things from happening, and denial is easier than looking in the mirror. Yesterday, hours after Larry Nassar was sentenced to spend the rest of his miserable life in a […]

MSU trustee Joel Ferguson’s comments about Nassar show him to be an indifferent imbecile
January 24, 2018

Joel Ferguson is an imbecile. The vice chairman of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees said this on the radio in Detroit yesterday: “The meeting we had the other day was five hours. And talking Lou Anna (the president of Michigan State University) was 10 minutes,..We unanimously decided in that meeting right away … we were […]

Nassar sentencing hearing shows need for humanity in conference rooms
January 24, 2018

Anyone who has been in management for a business or an administrator for a university has been there. “What’s our liability, and how do we limit it?” That’s the question that is asked and answered anytime legal issues arise because of a wronged employee or customer. Careers hinge upon finding the correct response, and there […]