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Top 10 reasons I find LeBron James to be so easy to dislike
June 13, 2016

LeBron James will either win the next three games against the Golden State Warriors, or he will fall to 2-5 in his seven NBA Finals. Regardless, there will be those who love what he represents, and others who do not.  Count me as one of those who doesn’t. There is no question LeBron is THE […]

Indiana Pacers – Lance Stephenson did a lot more than blow in LeBron James ear
May 29, 2014

by Kent Sterling With the Indiana Pacers playing passive basketball on both ends of the floor in last night’s win-or-die Game Five, the Miami Heat enjoyed a 50-43 with 5:48 remaining in the third quarter.  Then, Lance Stephenson awakened. Not sure the cause, but the first sign of life was a Stephenson foul on Dwyane […]

Indiana Pacers down 3-1 after never being in 102-90 Game Four loss
May 26, 2014

by Kent Sterling This one was over shortly after it started.  Chris Bosh scored early and often, and the Heat’s defense had intensity the Pacers were unable to match at either end. Last year, it appeared throughout the Eastern Conference Finals that the Pacers were the better team.  Not so much in 2014.  Not sure […]

Indiana Pacers – Miami Heat halfway home in best-of-seven after 99-87 win
May 25, 2014

by Kent Sterling The Pacers 42-38 halftime lead might have been the most precarious in basketball history.  At the downtown Indianapolis Kilroy’s, no Pacers fan felt confident, and no Heat fan was unsure they would find a way to win. For some strange reason, I can’t believe it’s a purposeful strategic decision, the Heat begin […]