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Rick Pitino talks, and says exactly what is expected of a self-immersed coach
February 21, 2018

There is an extreme and nauseating arrogance that infests the marrow of some coaches.  Not all coaches embrace a heightened sense of their own importance, but some do. They believe the university that employs them would cease to exist without their presence.  Many learn through absurd self-centered exploits they are simple employees – generously paid employees, but employees […]

Louisville fans need to wise up about the NCAA, and just who erased its history
February 20, 2018

The NCAA is not some patriarchal and autonomous authority figure that governs college athletics.  It’s a member organization that self-polices. So if you are a Louisville fan upset by the NCAA Committee on Infractions rejection of the appeal of findings that employee(s) of your University provided inexpensive prostitutes for players, recruits, and family members, get mad at […]

Louisville Basketball and hookers – First scandal I just don’t care about
October 20, 2015

by Kent Sterling We tend to get high and mighty about college sports – like it should be pure, chaste, and reflective of our best guess as to how teenagers should act.  The coaches should be priests and the athletes alter boys. Those expectations are ridiculous.  For a group to whom the word “No” has […]