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Long overdue NCAA approval of unlimited meals shows weak leadership
April 16, 2014

by Kent Sterling There are two kinds of leaders – proactive and reactive.  Proactive leaders pick apart their own dogma, rules, and strategies to make adjustments that enact improvements prior to external critique.  Reactive leaders put out fires, take public temperatures with polls, and adjust based upon which way the wind blows. Some towns and […]

College Athletics – Change Will Either Occur Because of Mark Emmert and NCAA or to NCAA
April 7, 2014

by Kent Sterling Bureaucrats affect change slowly, and when the window of participation in college athletics is a maximum of five years, “student-athletes” have chosen to grin and bear the inadequacies and lack of fairness they perceive. After all a scholarship covering the costs of tuition and room and board isn’t nothing, and making waves […]

Mark Cuban Tells ESPN, “There’s no reason for the NCAA to exist – none”
March 1, 2014

by Kent Sterling Mark Cuban is really smart and really blunt.  That makes him a headache for the people and systems about whom he talks, and the reason Major League Baseball approved the shoddy offer of Tom Ricketts rather than his, but that’s a different story. Tonight, ESPNDallas.com posted some comments by Cuban about the lack […]

NCAA Reinstating Penn State Football Scholarships Shows Lack of True Compass/Leadership
September 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling What does the NCAA stand for?  Is it an oversight organization that determines athletic eligibility and runs championships among its members, or is it empowered to require universities to behave in the best interests of higher education and competitive balance? I don’t think anyone at the NCAA headquarters has a clue.  The […]

College Football and Men’s Basketball – 12 Reforms I Would Enact as NCAA Czar
September 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Athletic governance among big revenue universities is going to change, but it’s going to take time and the result might not position the NCAA to be any more effective that it is currently. Click here to follow Kent Sterling on Twitter At this point, fans are starting to pity the NCAA, and […]