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NCAA Football and College Basketball – Why Not Pay Players to Their Value?
September 26, 2013

by Kent Sterling Why is it inherently bad to pay college athletes commensurate to their value?  Other than it never being done – at least not above the table – is there any justification for not allowing basic economics to operate unfettered for athletes whose work makes a lot of money for everyone associated with […]

Conference Commissioners Call for Immediate Change at the NCAA – and Delany Is Next
July 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling The dancing around doing what’s right, and consistent laying of blame elsewhere rather than leading the charge to a logical resolution of the inequities that fill the college football and men’s college basketball landscape has gone on long enough. After listening to ACC Commission John Swofford today and SEC Commission Mike Slive […]

Former NCAA Exec Greg Shaheen Talks About How College Athletics Can Improve
July 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling Talking to smart people about complex issues is endless fun for me, so the conversation on 1070 the Fan earlier today with former NCAA Executive Vice President Greg Shaheen was especially joyous. Shaheen has a reputation for being “Ahead of the Curve” on 1070 the Fan with Hagan and Sterling Should Be Spectacular […]