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Kevin Durant to Warriors is a strong move by a strong man despite Stephen A. Smith
July 4, 2016

Kevin Durant announced today on the Players Tribune that he is joining the Golden State Warriors to form what many will say is the greatest accumulation of talent in NBA history. That’s debatable. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter What is beyond argument is that Durant has made a decision that is best for […]

Top seven reasons to be appalled and baffled by day one of NBA free agency
July 1, 2016

It’s the silliest season ever for the NBA. Day one of free agency is normally filled with crazy deals struck during the initial feeding frenzy. Each year, we screech, “(Insert player’s name here) is worth (insert millions of dollars)?!  No chance!  Our society has gone haywire!” Today is a little different.  Haywire has a new […]