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Former NCAA Exec Greg Shaheen Talks About How College Athletics Can Improve
July 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling Talking to smart people about complex issues is endless fun for me, so the conversation on 1070 the Fan earlier today with former NCAA Executive Vice President Greg Shaheen was especially joyous. Shaheen has a reputation for being “Ahead of the Curve” on 1070 the Fan with Hagan and Sterling Should Be Spectacular […]

Problems with NCAA Easy to See – Impossible for Mark Emmert to Fix
April 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling NCAA chief Mark Emmert is frustrated, and that was clear in the defiant tone at his press conference yesterday.  He has good reason to be frustrated.  The problems are everywhere, and the solutions are impossible to enact. That will turn a guy who had high hopes when reporting to Indianapolis for duty […]

Dan Dakich – How to Clean Up College Hoops
August 17, 2010

by Kent Sterling Dan Dakich as the head of the NCAA would please me, but likely throw a shock into the system into the carcass of the many college basketball coaches who enjoy skirting if not outright flouting the rules governing fair play. The NCAA is a toothless hound like old Duke on “The Beverly […]