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Indiana Pacers Face a Must Win Tonight
April 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling If the Indiana Pacers want to be taken seriously as a threat against the Miami Heat, they need to rise up and win this pivotal game four tonight against the Hawks in Atlanta. To blow both opportunities to put this series on ice against a team that is going to scatter in […]

Indiana Pacers Need to Sack Up and Dominate; or Josh Smith Needs to Play Soft
April 24, 2013

by Kent Sterling Young teams in the NBA learn from mistakes.  The Bulls in the late-1980s couldn’t out tough the Pistons, or they would have won championships.  The Pacers themselves couldn’t get by the Knicks and Bulls in the mid-1990s.  The Jazz and Suns never got over the hump in the 90s either.  LeBron’s teams […]

Paul George’s Triple Double Keys Pacers Playoff Opening Win
April 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling The game was never in doubt after the first three defensive possessions by the Indiana Pacers that led to uncontested Atlanta Hawks baskets.  The Pacers Paul George made certain of that. George is not Kobe or LeBron, but he is good enough to lead the Pacers to a 107-90 beat down of […]