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Indiana Pacers Bow Out 99-76 to Miami Heat as Dwyane Wade Awakens
June 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling One of the parents of a teammate of my son’s AAU team would come up to me after losses and say, “Hard on my eyes.”  That’s how I felt watching this debacle of a game seven in the Eastern Conference Finals. There will be plenty of time to reflect on the growth […]

Indiana Pacers – How Much of the Pacers Success Is Owned by Frank Vogel?
June 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling Being a coach must be a horribly lonely existence.  Every time a team plays like crap, bombs are dropped on the coach.  When the team functions well, the players were get the love. Does anyone give credit to Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra for leading LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh […]

Regardless of Game Seven Outcome, Miami Heat Are Not a Great Team
June 2, 2013

by Kent Sterling There was controversy before the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals started.  Indiana coach Frank Vogel said that the Heat are the team that is next.  Someone told LeBron James that Vogel said the Heat “are just another team.”  James took umbrage and claimed that the Heat “are a great team.”  Even if Vogel […]

Indiana Pacers – Game Six Is Time to Nut Up and Play for Each Other or Be Satisfied
May 31, 2013

by Kent Sterling If the Pacers are under the delusion that because they are young, a future of opportunities in the conference finals is assured, they should dispel them.  With Derrick Rose coming back to the Chicago Bulls, Dwyane Wade likely regaining some measure of health, and David West entering free agency, this opportunity needs […]

Splitsville! Pacers Coming Home with Home Court Advantage After Beating Heat 97-93
May 25, 2013

by Kent Sterling How do you beat Sunday?  The Indy 500 followed by Game One of a best-of-five with Indiana holding home court advantage will make May 26th one of the best sports days in Indianapolis since the heyday of Reggie Miller’s Pacers. The Pacers outlasted the Heat tonight, as they were able to close […]