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Indiana Pacers – The National Media Pivots Away from the Miami Heat
May 22, 2013

by Kent Sterling The folks at ESPN treated the Indiana Pacers like carbuncles through the series against the New York Knicks.  Every Knicks loss was due to the Knicks making mistakes, and every win was earn because of the Knicks superior play.  The Pacers might have been on the floor, but the effect they had […]

Indiana Pacers – LeBron James Use of Frank Vogel Misquote Doesn’t Fit
May 21, 2013

by Kent Sterling I’m never sure if LeBron James is truly nuts, or just an imitator of hyper-competitive kooks of the past, and this mini-drama about Pacers coach Frank Vogel brings no more clarity to that doubt. Michael Jordan is completely insane.  He takes umbrage at any perceived slight.  People say things, Jordan gets revved […]