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Trip to Jamaica Clears Slate; Provides Focus; Rum Soaked Wisdom Accepted
March 10, 2014

by Kent Sterling At some point, people just need to take a fire hose to the dry erase board.  It doesn’t take many lists to turn clarity into clutter, and what was once a reasonable thought process morphs into a cacophony of clutter John Nash – the Russell Crowe character from “A Beautiful Mind” – […]

Giving Fake Names to Media Will Improve Country’s Mood – Paulie Balst
July 16, 2013

by Kent Sterling When the great Paulie Balst has an idea, you listen for two reasons – there will be a nugget of truth in it that you never would have considered otherwise, and its implementation would make more people laugh than cringe. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter The video of the KTVU […]

Little 500 Weekend; The World’s Greatest College Weekend Endures
April 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling There was nothing like Little 500 weekend when I went to school at Indiana University. The bike race that is the centerpiece of the weekend long series of events to celebrate the end of the school year gives students a chance to blow off a little steam.  It was made famous by […]