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The Day Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose Lost 61-19 to a Bunch of Kids from Indiana
October 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling There was a time when Derrick Rose was just a kid hooping.  Before the national endorsement deal, before the ACL injury and his refusal to play in the playoffs, and before his recent comment that he’s greedy about winning.  In May, 2006, he was just a kid trying to win a tournament […]

NBA Playoffs – Derrick Rose should do what his knee tells him to do
May 6, 2013

by Kent Sterling For months, the knuckleheads in Chicago sportsradio and boobs who troll message boards have been eager to advice and criticize Bulls guard Derrick Rose for not playing after being cleared by his doctors.  Derrick can thank his brother Reggie for all this noise. The Bulls will open their Eastern Conference Semifinals tonight […]