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Fox Sports 1 Cancels “Crowd Goes Wild” – Here are nine reasons why
April 28, 2014

by Kent Sterling There was so much wrong with the first episode of “Crowd Goes Wild” on Fox Sports 1 that they lost me for the next three months.  I tuned back because of equal shares of professional responsibility and morbid curiosity.  Same problems. Today, I read where the show has been cancelled, so I […]

The Many Problems with Fox Sports 1 Allow ESPN to March Confidently
August 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling “It’s the content, dummy!”  That’s what I would yell at the programmers who have launched Fox Sports 1 as a  supposed competitor for the massive national sports audience share owned by ESPN. So far, I would be surprised if they can catch NBC Sports Network. Click Here to follow Kent on Twitter […]