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Motivational Poster Racket Debunked – Not Only Don’t They Work; Most Don’t Make Sense
August 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling Hyper-simplified phrases that are supposed to be empowering are revolting.  People who need those phrases to motivate themselves to be something other than what they are should spend their time exercising, cobbling, or doing the things those phrases tell them to do because they are good ideas, rather than because a poster […]

Use of the N-word Needs to Stop – for Everybody – Not Just Riley Cooper
August 1, 2013

by Kent Sterling We do what we see, and we say what we hear.  That’s true when we’re two, and it’s true when we’re 25 – just like Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper did at a Kenny Chesney concert when he was denied access to the backstage area and told  a security guard, “I […]