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Colts cuts reward youthful exuberance; team ready for Buffalo
September 8, 2015

by Kent Sterling Doesn’t do much good to focus on getting in shape for a season you won’t play. Some members of the Colts seemed to feel their roster spots were guaranteed, and making plays in the preseason was beneath them.  Others hustled, hit, and earned a job at the expense of those who were dumped. […]

Whiny Patriots fans like Bill Simmons should shut the hell up and accept their disgrace
August 5, 2015

by Kent Sterling Bill Simmons carps.  It’s on his business card – “Bill Simmons – Carper-at-large”.  Or it should be.  So it was no surprise when he petulantly railed against Colts general manager Ryan Grigson yesterday for “squealing” on the Patriots for Deflategate.. Simmons attacked Grigson in a series of tweets that alternately expressed disgust […]

Indianapolis Colts – No hypocrisy in cutting Da’Rick Rogers after DUI
September 30, 2014

by Kent Sterling Nothing would give me more pleasure than to yelp and holler about how Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers should be afforded the same latitude to seek treatment that was provided Colts owner Jim Irsay after his operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated arrest, but it would be ridiculous. Irsay is an […]