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Why Is Jeff Fisher So Convinced Sam Bradford Can Be an Elite Quarterback?
February 19, 2014

by Kent Sterling In every interview I’ve heard St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher give since accepting the job two years ago, he has been asked the same question, “Is Sam Bradford your quarterback?” There are permutations of that question, like “Is Sam Bradford your long-term answer at quarterback?” or “Do you think Sam […]

After Bad Loss to 49ers, St. Louis Rams Remain a Franchise in Turmoil
September 27, 2013

by Kent Sterling Not sure how many seemingly good drafts it takes to build a roster capable of winning, but evidently the last two haven’t been enough.  Ram General Manager Les Snead continues to sign free agents who have played well in the past, and have even played well for the Rams, but aren’t close […]