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SB-206 puts university presidents on the clock – hysteria among fearful follows
October 1, 2019

University presidents screwed up as they refused to adjust to what is good and right in dealing with their athletes and the right to monetize their image.  Now states like California are eager to force their hand. California’s SB 206, signed into law yesterday, seeks to correct the arrogance so pervasive in academia, where old and learned men […]

NCAA’s letter to California governor shows SB206 a step in the right direction
September 11, 2019

Universities making up the membership of the NCAA do not like change – especially when that change doesn’t stuff their coffers with cash.  They turn downright petulant when the idea of athletes earning money is advanced. When bureaucrats and administrators get angry, they dash offs letters filled with cleverly worded threats and at least a dozen […]