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For Michael Jordan, sacrifice and loneliness were a small price for being a 6X champion
May 18, 2020

Is it worth going into the emptiness of emotional darkness and denying yourself the affection of peers in the pursuit of championships? That’s the question that lingers from watching ESPN’s The Last Dance.  Michael Jordan was at home in that lonely darkness.  He understood it was necessary to work with singular focus and demand the same level of work […]

Scottie Pippen is the most interesting flawed character in “The Last Dance”
April 20, 2020

The Last Dance takes a fascinating look at the final season of one of the most compelling teams in the history of the professional – the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is reaffirmed as a relentless and demanding leader.  General manager Jerry Krause is portrayed as a socially inept oaf whose arrogance almost derailed that final […]