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Why do I love Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman? His entertaining honesty
December 13, 2016

Nothing beats honesty in a forum where you normally get relentless cliches. Ask Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman a question, and let the good times roll.  Sherman is not only honest; he’s fearless – and wildly entertaining. You might not always agree with what he says, but virtually everything he says elicits a response.  When Sherman’s […]

Colts vs. Texans might be awful, but still a lot to hold Colts fans’ attention
October 8, 2015

by Kent Sterling Andrew Luck with a damaged wing, Matt Hasselbeck and his mid week flu, or short-timer Josh Johnson – guessing which Colts quarterback is going to face the angry and recently embarrassed Houston Texans defense is anyone’s guess. The Colts have an opportunity tonight to win their 16th straight division game, which would give them the […]