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Former Indianapolis Colts Center Jeff Saturday Shines in New Role as ESPN Analyst
August 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling At the end of the NFL Lockout in 2011, former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday gave New England Patriots owner a hug and thanked him for his role in ending the work stoppage.  It became the money shot for the biggest sports story of the year, and Jeff Saturday became a star. […]

Colts Win 20-12, and Irsay’s Tweets Had Nothing to Do With It
August 18, 2013

by Kent Sterling Jim Irsay’s tweets were no more meaningful to the result of tonight’s win at MetLife Stadium than the super fan in Eagledale who watches from the same barcalounger in his lucky and faded Tony Siragusa jersey. The Colts won for a few reasons – the defense didn’t allow a touchdown, and Reggie […]