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Indianapolis Colts – Mel Kiper Loves the Richardson Trade – for the Cleveland Browns
September 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling Indianapolis Colts GM Ryan Grigson must feel a little like Bill Tobin did almost 20 years ago when ESPN’s Mel Kiper ripped Tobin and the Colts for drafting Nebraska linebacker Trev Alberts.  The two situations aren’t really similar, but the argument between Tobin and Kiper is one of my favorite all-time draft moments. […]

Former Indianapolis Colts Center Jeff Saturday Shines in New Role as ESPN Analyst
August 29, 2013

by Kent Sterling At the end of the NFL Lockout in 2011, former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday gave New England Patriots owner a hug and thanked him for his role in ending the work stoppage.  It became the money shot for the biggest sports story of the year, and Jeff Saturday became a star. […]

Former Colts Center/WIBC Analyst Jeff Saturday to Join ESPN as Analyst
July 10, 2013

by Kent Sterling We had already spoken to a few people about the opening for Colts player/analyst prior to the 2000 season when center Jeff Saturday walked into program director Jon Quick’s office, but as soon as Jeff opened his mouth, it was clear he was our guy. The others were either too slick, too […]