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Zach McCrite Gets Busy with BigEZShow.com
November 19, 2013

by Kent Sterling There are a lot of ways that life can redirect energy to what’s important and profitable, and getting fired is one of the best. We don’t like it when change happens to us, and being told you aren’t allowed to work for an employer you like and respect is a harsh slap […]

When Fired By Media Company, There is Only One Response – Work!
November 13, 2013

by Kent Sterling Adversity is a wonderful thing.  It allows us to examine, plot, and re-invent.  Many of us are too fearful to cause ourselves adversity, so when it is delivered to us on a silver platter, it should be embraced. Some friends of mine were fired last week in St. Louis.  It happens.  A […]

Rick Venturi – Football Coach, Media Savant, and Great NFL Analyst
May 16, 2013

by Kent Sterling Rick Venturi coached football for 41 years, and learned the game at a level few can.  He slip seamlessly into media, where he explained complex elements of the game in simple and easily understood term. Knowing something, and being able to get others to understand are different things, and requires a very […]

Answers to Questions About Gunner Kiel, Remy Abell, Cubs Baseball, the Colts Draft, and Whether I Give a Damn About the Indiana Pacers
April 21, 2013

Every Sunday, the questions of kentsterling.com readers are answered.  All questions are welcome via email at kentsterling11@yahoo.com or via Twitter @kentsterling.  Include your first name and hometown.  They are compiled through the week, and those that prompt the best answers are selected for publication. Kent – Gunner Kiel has committed to four schools by my […]