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John Calipari paints himself as victim while defending Fox and Gottfried

The top diva among college basketball coaches loves to bury whines inside defense of peers.
credit: Stephen Dunn/Hartford Courant/MCT/Landov

No one in sports is as clumsy and obvious in banging his own drum while defending others as Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari.

Listening to Cal whine about how college basketball coaches paid millions to educate and lead students are victims in our society is either nauseating or funny depending upon your ability to laugh at self-importance.

Last night, after Kentucky posted a hard-earned win over Georgia, Calipari opined about the state of coaching and how Georgia coach Mark Fox is doing a great job.  Sadly for Fox, Calipari is not Georgia’s athletic director.

Calipari also defended the recently fired Mark Gottfried of North Carolina State.

No one would argue that building a top tier program at a football school like Georgia is tough as hell for Fox or any other coach, or that NC State retaining Gottfried to finish the season post-termination is idiotic.

The messages about his peers aren’t offensive, unless you are the AD at either Georgia or NC State – it’s the way Calipari paints himself as a victim through his membership in the fraternity of coaches that’s irksome. (more…)

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