Indiana Basketball – More words from Tom Crean – when will action be taken?

by Kent Sterling

Tom Crean used yet more words yesterday to talk about discipline, responsibility, and respect.

Tom Crean used yet more words yesterday to talk about discipline, responsibility, and respect.

This has become funny.

Every day we lament the spate of words from Indiana University figure heads as they express regret over not doing more to show athletes their responsibility to one another as teammates and as representatives of the university.  The next day, someone else steps up with even more words.

I’m starting to feel like IU is testing me to see just how many days in a row I can write about my disdain for yapping instead of action in leading young men to enlightenment.

Yesterday, it was Tom Crean’s turn to talk about the what he wishes he might have done differently, and what his players need to learn in order to function as a unit on the floor and in the university community off of it.  He spoke as part of a series of appearances designed to gin up enthusiasm for IU Athletics.

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His comments came in response to two of his basketball players being cited for illegal possession of a substantial amount of vodka in a car parked at the Convenient Food Mart a quarter mile from Assembly Hall.  For Emmitt Holt, this was his second offense in a year.  He was behind the wheel when Devin Davis suffered a severe head injury after falling off an SUV.  The other violator is freshman Thomas Bryant whose citation came before he had attended a single class.

“You know what I wish I had done when Hanner (Mosquera-Perea) first got in trouble?  And I love Hanner to death. I love Hanner Perea. I’d go back and remove him from the team.”

That is the type of comment reviled by those who are critical of Crean’s brand of leadership.  Why would Crean assume a need to profess his love for Mosquera-Perea while admitting his disappointment for not kicking him off the team?  His job is not to love players, but to teach them – both about basketball and life.

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