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What Colts owner Jim Irsay should have said yesterday in announcing the firing of Ryan Grigson

Colts owner Jim Irsay did a nice job with the media last night, but it would have been more fun to hear him tell it like it really is.

“Thanks for coming out at a weird time.  I know you were in bars, malls, watching Indiana beat Michigan State, and spending time with your family, but my life doesn’t operate like that, so here we are on a Saturday at 5:45 in the afternoon

Five years ago, I screwed up.  I had become so sick and tired of Bill Polian’s ill-tempered antics around here that I kicked he and his son out of the building, and hired the guy I believed was most unlike Polian.

Ryan Grigson was the anti-Polian in many ways.  Totally unproven as a potential general manager, Ryan was just a scout with a less than championship level organization.  Sadly, one of the primary ways Grigson and Polian were different was in talent evaluation.

We hope he would grow as someone with a keen eye for dynamic football players.  Instead of evolving toward Polian in that area, Grigson adopted the least attractive aspects of Polian’s personality.

Fourteen seasons with Polian was justified by a Lombardi Trophy, a couple of Super Bowl trips, relentless regular season excellence, and a bunch of Pro Football Hall of Famers.  The five seasons with Ryan brought a mirage of early success followed by two years of unending mediocrity. (more…)

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