Indiana Pacers – Logic says the Pacers are in big trouble; Good thing logic has nothing to do with sports


by Kent Sterling

Thank God Frank Vogel doesn't react under duress like Homer Simspon.  He won't press the "Bench Roy" button like many would like him to.

Thank God Frank Vogel doesn’t react under duress like Homer Simspon. He won’t press the “Bench Roy” button like many would like him to.

Roy Hibbert is the whipping boy for all the woes of the Indiana Pacers since January 20th.  His petulance and woe is me attitude has been a cancer for the Pacers, according to a lot of smart guys who follow the team.

Lance Stephenson, Paul George, David West, and George Hill’s shortcomings are dwarfed by Hibbert’s inability to deal with adversity by fighting through it.  His mopery in calling out selfish teammates has made him the most obvious target of critics as the Pacers continue a downward spiral that seemingly has no bottom.

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The Pacers lost last night’s Game One against the Atlanta Hawks, and Hibbert had eight points and eight rebounds.  Six of the points came late – after the game was out of reach.  Worse, the small lineup of the Hawks exploited Hibbert’s inability to guard the perimeter.  That stretch fives are not a good matchup for Hibbert is a gross understatement.

If Hibbert isn’t scoring on the offensive end, the Pacers will have a difficult time competing with a team like the Hawks.

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