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Pacers take TJ Leaf at #18 in first round & I’m trying to be happy about it

TJ Leaf can flat out play offensive basketball. Pacers fans should focus on that right now.

A Leaf blew into Indianapolis during the first round of the NBA Draft as though it’s already Autumn, and time for training camp to start.

T.J. Leaf will return to his family’s hometown as he begins what Pacers fans hope is a long and prosperous career.

There are some good to great things about T.J. Leaf that I’m trying to focus tonight when there was so much optimism we would see the Indiana Pacers take at least one significant step toward rebuilding.

  • Leaf is an elite offensive player who can stretch defenses, finish at the rim, and pass really well.
  • His dad Brad played at Lawrence North High School for the same coach who still coaches there today.
  • Leaf lead a stacked UCLA team in scoring as a freshman with 16.3 points per game.

That’s some good stuff. (more…)

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