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Curtis Jones leaves Indiana Basketball program – best for both Jones & Hoosiers?

Sometimes the ball spins on a finger, and sometimes it falls to the fall. Curtis Jones fell yesterday.

Coaching changes bring a change of culture.  Culture change brings adversity.  Adversity brings roster changes.

Such is the cycle of life in college basketball.

Curtis Jones was recruited to Indiana by Tom Crean, and he played his freshman season for the former coach.  When Archie Miller replaced Crean, it became clear very quickly that the two leaders shared little other than a love for basketball.

Indiana announced yesterday that Jones has decided to leave the team immediately and will transfer at the end of the semester.

While I’m a big fan of fighting through adversity, it’s not always the right option for everyone.  Testing yourself to see exactly how much misery you can bear isn’t a valuable experience for all. (more…)

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