Michigan Football – Brady Hoke might be fired, but it will be for losing games – not jeopardizing Shane Morris’s health

by Kent Sterling

Ill-fitting sunglasses are the least of Brady Hoke's problems this week as he fights for his job.

Ill-fitting sunglasses are the least of Brady Hoke’s problems this week as he fights for his job.

Michigan fans are sick and tired of losing.  Since firing Lloyd Carr for winning only 9.4 games per season from 1995 thru 2007, Michigan has posted a 43-38 record under Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke.

That’s an average of less than seven wins a season.

The frustration that accompanies that level of mediocrity at a school that believes it should contend for a Big Ten Championship every season, and win a national championship at least once per decade is about to claim another victim – or two.

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Rodriguez was jettisoned after three mediocre seasons, despite making progress every year.  Before arriving in Ann Arbor, Rodriguez built a top ten team out of rubble in Morgantown, West Wirginia.  After being shown the door at Michigan, Rodriguez was hired at Arizona, where he has the Wildcats playing very solid football (4-0 this season).

Hoke took Ball State from MAC irrelevance to national prominence during his six years there, and repeated that feat at San Diego State in only two seasons.  Michigan hired Hoke, and the rest was supposed to be history.  This was Hoke’s dream job, and finally the spiritual successor to Bo Schembechler had been found.

It’s been historic alright.

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