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If student-athletes transfers need to sit out a year, should coaches who move have to sit as well?

Sometimes the NCAA needs to do the right thing, and in the case of amending the transfer rule – allowing one time movement without penalty is the right thing.

There is a proposal at the NCAA Convention being held this week in Indianapolis that would allow student-athletes in football and men’s basketball to transfer without sitting out a year.

For those who view athletes as collegiate cattle, this means armageddon.  There will be chaos – athletes running from program to program willy nilly, coaches tampering during handshake lines, and fans confused by constantly changing rosters.

My God!  How will college basketball survive an admission that student-athletes are adults capable of making a smart decision that impacts their lives positively, or at least gives them free reign to re-make a very tough initial choice that is often made in a vacuum of ignorance driven by a coach doing a very good impression of a used car salesman (no offense to used car salesmen). (more…)

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