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Top 10 reasons why youth sports parents are crazy

All good reminders, but all go out the window when the games start.

All good reminders, but all go out the window when the games start.

After spending the weekend watching youth soccer at Grand Park in Westfield, I can report that youth sports parents are just as crazy, fun, inappropriate, and combative as ever.

There is nothing parents care about more than their kids and there are few things they take pride in more than the achievements of those kids – whether in sports, band, theater, or intellectual pursuits.

Because of that pride and the longing for additional achievements, parents are prone to more than a little agitation which results in behavior of which few would be proud.

Normal adults who spend hours a day sitting in meetings where decorum is required and speaking without careful consideration results in career death, lose their minds on behalf of their children in relatively meaningless events.

As the uncle of a player for one of the teams competing, my behavior was no better than the parents, but that is nothing new.  Complaining about calls and making smart aleck remarks to the families of those rooting for our opponents is something the Sterlings come by honestly.

it’s ridiculous to take a soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, or football game so seriously that others are made uncomfortable or physically threatened, but feelings for our progeny far outweigh our ability to control our mouths.

Here are the top 10 causes for youth parent insanity:

10 – College scholarships are on the line.  This could be higher, but the scholarship isn’t the goal for some kids – it’s the dream to play in college.  The parents would love to have a scholarship defray or cover all college costs, but the distant dream of free college isn’t a primary driver of immediate insanity. (more…)

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