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NCAA’s College Basketball Committee will waste its time and ours

Only positive created by formation of the committee is an answer from Mark Emmert to the question, “What are you doing to fix college basketball?”

It would be nice if college basketball could move past the cheating that unnecessarily taints the game, but if the construct of the committee empaneled but the NCAA to study and correct corruption is any indicator, it will never happen.

NCAA president Mark Emmert announced the formation of the 14-person committee yesterday, and it lacks one very important component – the presence of those who have corrupted the game.

If you want to catch a crook, you need to employ one.  The FBI became very good at catching forgers when it hired Frank Abignale, one of the world’s best forgers.

Good and decent people don’t think like thieves.  They can’t understand the whys of corruption, and so they are the worst candidates to fix it.  Those who circumvent and break rules to accomplish their goals – both in basketball and finance – must be a part of identifying and fixing the issues facing college basketball. (more…)

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