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  1. I think that Chris Lambert is going to announce that Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, and Duke are going to the B1G in 2017. He’s been hinting about this for a while now. The guy isn’t very credible though. His Twitter handle is TheDudeofWV.

  2. Your article about Rupp expansion was hilarious. You and your two friends from college must have gotten a big laugh. I guess you should just stick to Friday evening sports writing.

  3. Love your show!! But where is the rest of my prize pack (won last friday)?!! You owe me a free facial (that I subsequently promised to my lady friend) and some Indy Eleven tix (I think). I’ve got nothing!!! You got me over here looking bad guys!!! Can ya hook me up?!!!

  4. Really using the term asshole in a professional article, is that the real life metaphor of the kettle calling the kettle black? But the real question is whether Bob Knight was merely an asshole to sports scribes and you have the last written word. Your ratings ended with that lack of professional objectivity. Which by the way is a judgment by someone who has written sports by lines and continues to teach.

    • Bob Knight was an asshole – a word I used because I am not aware of a better word to describe his behavior – because he demanded loyalty, but exhibits none, and would relentlessly demean those with whom he did business simply because he could. Sure, he treated the media like crap, but that doesn’t bother me much. There are those in the media I don’t care much for either.

  5. Until a week or so ago I didn’t know you existed and then the Star wrote a piece about there being 3 drive time sports radio shows and I learned you were on 1430. I gave your show a try and immediately liked the format. I’ve never liked the highest rated show because, except when Rake is filling in, there just isn’t enough sports content for my tastes. I don’t get in my car every day, but when I am driving in the afternoon, it is your show that is on my radio.

    Which is not to say that I agree with everything you say. I am not off the Crean bandwagon yet although I don’t agree with everything he has done either. I know his job is to win college games, but I think if he wants to recruit five star players with pro potential, he needs to tell them that at IU they will be able to play their pro position. Playing 4′s at 5 and 2′s and 3′s at 4 isn’t job training.

    And I don’t believe for a minute that you’d take a 2 million dollar pay cut to coach at Purdue instead of IU. It’s real money. Would you turn down a 2 million dollar raise to be on talk radio in New York instead of here? Fish bowl or not you’d pack your bags. To say otherwise would be like saying you’d tear up a winning lottery ticket rather than subject yourself to the publicity of claiming your winnings.

    • Thanks for listening. I appreciate your trust. We try to earn it.

      As far as my claim about cash – how much money is enough? You don’t mess with happy. If you are in a stable environment with kids, that counts for a lot to me, and would keep me from making the jump to New York, regardless of the cash. I like Indianapolis, and have turned down several opportunities to leave for more cash. On the other hand, I moved to St. Louis for a couple of years because of extenuating circumstances – the company, assets available to continue to grow the station, and management with who I believed I could build a great sportstalk station. I left there to come back to Indianapolis because home is where my wife and I wanted to be, and this is home. I had no job when I left there, and missed the money a little bit, but some things are more important than money.

      I would never tear up a winning lottery ticket, but I’m pretty damn happy right now. Hope I’m smart enough not to mess with it.

    • And a good day to you! The least you could do is make the comment on a post where it would have been read by someone. Love and hate – it’s all the same thing in media. Thanks for moving the needle in the right direction. Also – instead of spelling “period,” you might think to use the dot which represents a “period”.

  6. My son, Matthew plays for and is President of the IU Rugby Club. The are currently ranked #13 nationally and just won the Big Ten Championship. The will be competing in the CRC Rugby 7s Nationals in Philadelphia next month. They are a team made up of all IN kids. Since rugby is a fast growing sport he would be a good interview for you. Thanks for all you do in supporting local sports. Let me know if you have any interest in speaking with him. Thanks for your consideration.