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Indiana Basketball – Archie Miller is a basketball coach, not a brand

Archie Miller remains a great unknown a coaching because he is a coach – not a brand.

The thing I like best about Archie Miller being named basketball coach at Indiana University is that I know nothing about him.

I had no response to the news a day ago that IU athletic director Fred Glass had tabbed Miller – I mean none.  Not a whoop, smile, frown, or grimace.  The news had no impact upon me whatsoever.

Miller has spent the last six years coaching basketball at the University of Dayton – less than two hours from my house – and I have no opinion about him as a person whatsoever.

I am prone to the quick development of opinions.  I feel something about almost everything, and somehow this coach leading the best program in the Atlantic 10 never made an impact on me one way or another.

We all know the things – the resume’ – that put Miller on the list of candidates Indiana considered.  Dayton has won the A10 the last two years, earned a spot in the NCAA Tournament at the end of each of the last four seasons, and went to the Elite Eight in 2014. (more…)

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