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Lance Stephenson lights the fire that burned the @Pacers last night

Lance Stephenson can be a force for good – or not. Guess what he was last night.

Two rules in life I never break – never invite crazy to the party and never poke the bear.

The Indiana Pacers violated the second of those rules last night because they violated the first on March 30th.

Pacers president Larry Bird invited crazy to the party when he signed Lance Stephenson to rejoin his old team, and ol’ Lance poked the bear last night when he hit a three-pointer with 4:36 remaining in the third quarter to give the Pacers a 20-point lead.

When crazy is shows up at the party, everyone has the best time of their lives while the good part of the kook entertains.  That’s been Lance for the first eight games he was back with the Pacers.  He’s been entertaining, unpredictable, emotional, and compelling.

Then bad Lance finally showed himself last night. (more…)

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