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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – all that was missing at final dinner there was the food – and ABC’s Jim Avila

“May I take your order?”

From there, the dinner my wife and I thought we would enjoy tonight was a bizarre and hilarious adventure.

After Julie ordered the salmon, the server turned to me.  I simply pointed to a picture of the asiago sirloin and fried shrimp combo.  There may have also been a dollop of mashed potatoes on the plate in the picture.

He then asked me about my two sides, I said I would have no sides.  His face contorted a bit.  He asked Julie about her two sides.  Julie wasn’t big on the sides either, but ordered broccoli to be polite.  He reminded Julie that she was due two sides.  To appease the server, Julie ordered a second round of broccoli.  He left looking a tad concerned. .

Thirty seconds later, he returned to ask my about my sides.  “Is it mandated that I order two sides?” I asked trying to inject a little humor.

“It really is.  I can’t enter the order into the computer without two sides,” he said.  I told him to let the staff pick the two sides, and they were welcome to enjoy them.  He smiled, “That’s very nice of you!  Thanks!” (more…)

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