Bad sports parents getting worse – screwing up a very good thing

June 28, 2019

When I was a kid playing any sport with a ball and scoreboard, parents used games and practices as a babysitter.  They napped, partied, played golf, relaxed, or whatever the hell else they felt like doing when kids weren’t bouncing off the walls in their homes and neighborhoods. At my high school soccer games, most […]

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Problem with radio is not technological – it’s about the content

June 25, 2019

Radio’s death has been greatly exaggerated for the past 20 years.  Since digital audio became a thing, people have been sounding the alarm that traditional radio is on its last legs. Those last legs continue to run, and the reason has nothing to do with closing the tech gap, app growth, or the advantage radio has […]

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Ten reasons why NBA players should hope to call Indianapolis home

June 19, 2019

Tomorrow’s NBA Draft and the beginning of free agency have prompted a lot of talk about how everyone hopes to play in a vibrant and fun city. Indianapolis, along with Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Detroit, and Cleveland, is often listed among those cities rejected as being uncool. I get it.  When the idea of […]

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