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Louisville’s response to the NCAA should have been “Goodbye!” Or the NCAA should boot Louisville
September 22, 2020

The NCAA’s enforcement staff is not the adversary of college basketball powers.  It exists to protect coaches, programs, and schools from the greed that destroys fairness. But don’t tell that to the University of Louisville. As with the University of North Carolina, which cleverly dodged massive penalties in response to academic fraud charges, Louisville is answering […]

Big 10 Football is GO! Regardless of method, right decision and execution is made; schedules coming soon
September 16, 2020

Whining about how the Big 10 made this suddenly savory college football sausage is unnecessary.  Why allow bitterness over process disrupt our joy? Just a few minutes ago, conference bigwigs concluded their media zoom call in which they outlined several parameters for football’s return and explained their change of heart leading to the unanimous approval from presidents and chancellors. […]

Dan McNeil fired by 670 The Score for mocking ESPN’s Maria Taylor, and they were right to
September 15, 2020

Dan McNeil, formerly of 670 The Score in Chicago, stepped on one of the growing number of broadcasting’s third rails last night when he derisively tweeted about ESPN’s Maria Taylor attire.  He was fired today. “NFL sideline reporter or a host for the AVN annual awards presentation?” was the text of the offending tweet, and it […]

Colts lose 27-20 – is it time yet to question why we keep expecting them to win?
September 13, 2020

Uh-oh. We know all the banal little sayings about the NFL.  “Any given Sunday,” “It’s only one game,” and “It’s not how you start but how you finish that counts,” are repeated over and over throughout the season.  Of course, they are as accurate as they are trite, especially after a game like the Colts 27-20 […]

Here are the seven keys for a Colts victory and cover this afternoon
September 13, 2020

For the Colts (-8) to win their first season opener since 2013, they need only to play better football than the team believed to be one of the worst two units in the NFL.  Like a man running from a bear who only needs to outrun the slowest guy, the Colts don’t need to be […]

Noise addict Skip Bayless deserves utter silence for his legacy of bankrupt insight
September 11, 2020

Like a fifth grader who puts thumbtacks on his teacher’s chair, Skip Bayless is an attention hog without the decency or moral compass to do it right. Yesterday, on the show he co-hosts with Shannon Sharpe, Bayless claimed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dan Prescott is incapable of leading the team because he went public with his […]