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If you don’t like Colin Kaepernick – donate your Nike shoes to Samaritan’s Feet
September 5, 2018

So you’re really upset than Nike has aligned with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaeperniick for a new “Just Do It” campaign. You feel Kaepernick and others who have taken a knee during the National Anthem prior to NFL games are showing disrespect to veterans who have sacrificed for America, and those Nikes in your closet just […]

Andrew Luck paying the price for battling for every yard – again; best for Colts fans to enjoy him while he lasts
August 28, 2018

Andrew Luck ran the ball four times for 27 yards against the San Francisco 49ers in the Indianapolis Colts utterly meaningless third preseason game.  Why? After spending more than a year rehabilitating his surgically repaired shoulder so he could play again, Luck continues to put his physical health at risk by extending inconsequential plays – and trying […]

Indiana University Football – Program might not be great, but fans are the sanest in college football #iufb
August 27, 2018

There are university campuses across America where the anticipation of another college football season will charge the atmosphere.  Students and boosters will count down the hours to kickoff. Bloomington, Indiana, is not one of those college towns.  At Indiana University, people will go about their business, attend class, and instead of charging the atmosphere, students […]

As a parent, I would bring my son home NOW from Maryland’s football program
August 14, 2018

My son played college basketball, and there wasn’t a day while he was at Loyola of Chicago that I didn’t hope coaches and trainers were intently looking after his well being. Health is everything, and I know coaches can be blinded by the need to win.  I didn’t care much about winning – I just […]