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Five reasons conversations at Nick’s about Archie Miller being fired are waaaay premature
February 10, 2020

I hear you out there, Indiana fans.  You’re tired of the losses.  You saw Bob Knight at Assembly Hall and all your synapses started firing.  Visions of championships, excellence, and toughness started dancing in your brain. Indiana’s basketball season took a hard turn south a couple of weeks ago with 1:27 seconds left against Big 10 […]

Mark Dantonio resigns weeks after receiving a $4.3-million bonus for staying at Michigan State
February 5, 2020

Michigan State football coach Mike Dantonio quit yesterday – less than one month after collecting a $4.3-million bonus for staying in East Lansing. I’m sure Dantonio feels like a smart guy with $4.3-million (less taxes) of someone else’s money in his pocket.  And I’m also sure Michigan State University administrators are pleased with how this has played […]

Bob Knight’s return to Assembly Hall may have very little to do with him
February 5, 2020

So, I wrote yesterday about how I am no longer invested in former Indiana coach Bob Knight returning to Assembly Hall, and how being jerked around by Knight has grown tiresome.  The phone started ringing as soon as I published the post. On the other end of the phone for the rest of the morning […]

Whether Bob Knight comes back to Assembly Hall or not means nothing anymore
February 4, 2020

Rumors are circulating again that Bob Knight will be back at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. This time, I don’t care. Indiana fans have been down this road before.  Knight’s steadfast refusals to come back to the building where he coached for 29 years softened a little over the last 12 months, so people got excited about […]

When Victor Oladipo shoots less than once every two minutes, Pacers are a better team
February 4, 2020

It’s been less than a week since Victor Oladipo played his first game for the Indiana Pacers since tearing his quad tendon just over a year ago, so drawing conclusions about his ability to contribute to what has been a surprisingly good season are way premature. We can believe this though – when Oladipo shoots less than […]

Nine facts about Indiana Basketball that zealous Hoosiers fans are not going to like
January 31, 2020

Hoosier Basketball’s faithful fans are passionate.  Psychotics often are. Indiana lost at Penn State, and social media was filled with condemnations of Archie Miller.  A week before, Indiana beat Michigan State at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, and fans cheered that Indiana was finally back. The Hoosiers will play Ohio State in Columbus tomorrow, and fans will voice […]