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If Deandre Ayton can make the Pacers better in 2025, pull the trigger!
July 8, 2022

Deandre Ayton to the Pacers seems like a good idea.  The upgrade over Myles Turner is obvious, and his upside is certainly trumps Turner’s. It’s even possible for the Pacers to sign Ayton, the former #1 overall pick, as a restricted free agent with a qualifying offer instead of giving up assets like Turner or draft picks […]

Pacers rebuild prizes personality as well as athleticism and length!
July 6, 2022

Something interesting is going on with the Indiana Pacers. For years, the Pacers tried to build with physically talented players who were as likely to be self-immersed and cranky as cooperative and team-oriented.  Monta Ellis, for example, seemed not to be a fan of humanity at all as he profanely dressed down rookies Myles Turner […]

Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and John Wall deals cause NBA optics problem
June 28, 2022

The NBA’s current news cycle is currently dominated by three episodes of head-scratching financial insanity, and I’m trying to keep it from ruining my appreciation for professional basketball. The first is Kyrie Irving‘s decision to exercise his $36.5-million player option to return to the Brooklyn Nets in 2022-2023.  National media seem to believe that’s good news […]

Khari Willis retires from the Colts – fans need to prepare for more of the same
June 16, 2022

Khari Willis retired yesterday, and Colts fans need to get used to it. Colts general manager Chris Ballard prizes character, intellect, and team-first ethos.  Players wise enough to embrace the traits Ballard covets are much more likely to decide after a few years that more in life exists for them than football. It happened to franchise […]

Youth Baseball and Softball tips for a happy and fun summer
June 1, 2022

It’s youth baseball and softball season, and that means it’s time for parents and coaches to destroy enthusiasm for what should be great fun for kids among friends. Or they can choose to enhance it.  Let’s talk about how to do that. Here are 10 easy to read but hard to execute tips for helping your kid […]

Marquee Network continues to insult Cubs fans with deceit and stupidity
May 26, 2022

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is the Vladimir Putin of Major League Baseball. “Control media, control minds!” is the belief that guides both government controlled media in Russia and Cubs controlled media in Chicago. Of course, reality is different.  No one pays attention to Marquee Networks glad tidings and refusal to allow words like “rebuild” to escape […]