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Indiana University Basketball fans are insane, and there is apparently no cure! #iubb
January 23, 2019

Don’t take offense to the headline – I’m right there with you! Every year, we invest in the believe that this will be the year the glory of ol’ IU returns to Assembly Hall.  Every year, we shake our heads in dismay.  Wash, rinse, repeat. This year, hope seemed reasonable because it’s Archie Miller’s second […]

5 things Colts need to do to beat the Chiefs and move on to the AFC Championship
January 9, 2019

People in Kansas City believe the divisional round playoff game between their top seeded Chiefs and #6 seed Indianapolis Colts will be a coronation. It’s the NFL’s most dominant offense against the cute upstarts from that jerkwater town in the middle of a jerkwater state.  It’s barbecue against funnel cakes for the people of that oh-so-cosmopolitan […]

Joe Maddon’s son loses his mind on Instagram and clouds the Cubs manager’s future
December 6, 2018

If you can’t control your son, how can a baseball manager be expected to lead a 25-man roster? Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s son Joseph Maddon exploded on social media earlier this week venting frustration as his dad deals with entering the final year of a five-year, $28-million contract. Here’s what Joseph posted on his Instagram […]