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Indiana Football goes all Indiana Football in Iowa City – which really ain’t that bad!
September 7, 2021

The recency bias that enticed Indiana fans to buy into the belief that their football program had turned a corner toward repeatable respectability was flawed – as is the case with most recency biases. The Hoosiers were outclassed, out-executed, and out-fought by Iowa Saturday afternoon in their season opening 34-6 debacle. Now, Indiana fans need to fight […]

Covid and the Colts stitched together brings misery to fans – and media
September 3, 2021

There is nothing about Covid-19 I like.  Obviously, the deaths, illness, fatigued-beyond-words health care workers, and tremendous fear among many top the list.  But I also hate the way it has intruded upon sports. Sports serves as both a mirror of our society and an escape from it.  Watching our city’s teams is really the […]

Eight reasons why Colts should call Cam Newton immediately about backup QB job
August 31, 2021

Bill Belichick has made his decision.  Mac Jones is in as starting quarterback and Cam Newton is out – way out – as in no longer employed by the New England Patriots. The Indianapolis Colts have a starting quarterback on the Reserve/COVID-19 list who is still recovering from an unanticipated foot surgery, a back-up QB […]

Colts Carson Wentz, Ryan Kelly, and Zach Pascal all added to the Reserve/COVID-19 list
August 30, 2021

No way around talking vaccines now, is there? I’ve tried, but with Carson Wentz, Ryan Kelly, and Zach Pascal going on the Reserve/Covid-19 list today, there is no avoiding virology as we discuss football. Full disclosure – there are two reasons I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  The first is that epidemiologists told me getting the […]