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Indiana’s win against La. Tech shows what the Hoosiers might be – both good and bad
November 26, 2019

Basketball is a vexing game.  It attracts those who seek the spotlight but rewards those who reject it. Indiana’s 88-75 win over Louisiana Tech last night was a perfect example of what basketball can be when played by a team – and also what happens when players selfishly pursues glory.  Indiana showed fans both one […]

Tom Allen chooses prudence over fighting against Michigan
November 25, 2019

Indiana ran out the clock on a brilliant 13-play drive that ate the final eight minutes of the game against Michigan.  Of the 13 plays, IU ran the ball 12 times. If Indiana had been ahead by 25 instead of behind by that many at the time, fans would be thrilled.  To sit in the […]

Devonte Green grows up – looks like a different player and leader for the Hoosiers #iubb
November 21, 2019

For three years, Indiana Hoosiers guard Devonte Green played mistake-filled basketball sprinkled with occasional flashes of excellence.  It appeared Green believed himself NBA ready, and that more toiling in Bloomington was an insult to his talent. Through two games this season, it appears Green has turned a corner.  In each game, Green has dropped four dimes […]

Good luck to Dawson Garcia decides to play and study at Marquette instead of Indiana
November 20, 2019

Dawson Garcia is tall and talented, and he’s pledged Marquette as his college choice. Marquette was chosen by Garcia over Indiana, Memphis, and his native Minnesota. That’s life. Indiana fans want to know how this will impact the Hoosiers.  There are several ways: Garcia would have taken IU’s final scholarship for the class of 2020, […]

Fan demands for the Pacers to deal Myles Turner are waaaay premature!
November 19, 2019

It’s way too early to draw any conclusions about the Indiana Pacers roster just 14 games into the 2019-2020 season.  It’s also premature to call for anyone on the roster to be dealt because they don’t fit – yet. The Pacers are 8-6 despite missing Victor Oladipo for all 14 games, Malcolm Brogdon for the last […]

Southport Basketball coach recruits, so players are penalized with postseason ban?
November 18, 2019

Even with the best of intentions and motives, violating IHSAA rules that ban recruiting comes with a cost, but the penalties levied against the Southport basketball program for recruiting Nickens Paul Lemba go too far. Lemba, a freshman at Southport, is 6’6″ and originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Southport coach Eric Brand paid tuition […]