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Coaching youth baseball demands you prioritize fun for players
May 18, 2019

When I asked my old boss how I should grade myself as a youth baseball coach, he said, “That’s easy.  How many kid play next year?  If they all play, you were great.  If none play, you were terrible.” Best answer ever. The way to get kids to play the following season is to make […]

Romeo Langford’s expressionless face would look great in a Pacers uniform
May 16, 2019

Romeo Langford finished his only year at Indiana University as the third leading freshman scorer in program history.  He’s a solid 6’5″ with a 6’11” wingspan, and a unique ability to get to the rim and finish. His freshman year was seen by Indiana fans who believed IU was poised for a bounce back season as […]

No need for NCAA working group – cash for student-athlete brands is fair
May 15, 2019

The NCAA announced yesterday it is forming a working group to discuss how college athletes might be able to control and monetize their likeness. I can save them some time and effort.  Just say yes.  The answer is self-evident in the utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt answer to the question at the center of the […]

John Beilein leaves Michigan – takes Cavs job; he will be missed
May 13, 2019

Indiana and Purdue fans should be happy John Beilein is leaving Michigan to become the next coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I’m not. Beilein coached the Wolverines for 12 seasons, won four Big 10 titles, and qualified for two Final Fours.  He’s unquestionably one of the five best coaches in college basketball, and had […]