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Domas Sabonis signs extension – hope Pacers fans love this roster!
October 21, 2019

The Pacers and Domas Sabonis have agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $74.9-million, according to reports.  With bonuses, Sabonis could earn up to $85-million. There were rumors over the weekend that Sabonis might be dealt prior to today’s 6 p.m. deadline for the extension.  That trade never materialized, and now the Pacers roster is set for […]

NBA zero-tolerance policy for idiot fans misses the mark – need physical disincentive
October 21, 2019

There is one consequence that ensures an idiot will keep his mouth shut in a situation where he might otherwise spew racial epithets and profanity – the threat he will get his ass kicked. In major league sports, the last time I can remember a player going into the stands to issue a physical counter-measure against a fan […]

This might be the year fans who doubt Tom Allen eat their words #iufb
October 20, 2019

Indiana beat Maryland 34-28 yesterday, putting its season win total at five. For those IU grads who had trouble getting through M-014 (a non-credit basic math course), that leaves the Hoosiers one win shy of bowl eligibility. With games remaining against Nebraska, Northwestern and Purdue – games Indiana has at least a 52.3% chance of […]

John Calipari is right to not want an NBA Draft expansion, but for all the wrong reasons
October 17, 2019

As I scanned sports stories this morning, I dug into one because Kentucky Basketball coach John Calipari and I would finally agree on something. Calipari came out against expanding the NBA Draft.  I assumed he believed it would be bad for college players because it would make sticking on an NBA roster more difficult than with the […]

Jags deal Ramsey to the Rams in a trade Colts GM Chris Ballard would never make
October 16, 2019

The Jacksonville Jaguars dealt problem cornerback Jalen Ramsey to the Rams for two 1st round picks and a 4th.  Jags are obviously angling for the future, while the Rams want to win right now. Ramsey is a shut down corner displeased with how he was treated by the Jaguars, and the Rams feel he can put […]

LeBron James ignores human rights and gets pragmatic in his criticism of Daryl Morey
October 15, 2019

“I don’t want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke. And so many people could have been harmed not only financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. So just be careful what we tweet and say and what we do, even […]

The fix for terrible NFL officiating is to trust and empower the refs by eliminating replay
October 14, 2019

Here’s what happens when an employee every decision is second guessed – he or she works to be perfect, and perfect doesn’t exist. That’s part of the reason officiating in the NFL continues to erode.  Replay expands to pass interference calls, and all of a sudden flags fly all over the field.  Penalties are being called 16% more […]