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Indiana destroyed at Minnesota, and Archie finally promises “drastic changes” #iubb
February 16, 2019

Indiana fans are mad – rightly mad. The season that started with such promise has unspooled into a hideous chaos of passivity, stoicism, and malaise. At 12-2, Indiana looked like a team that could overcome its obvious flaws to post wins.  As the Hoosiers posted consecutive wins against Northwestern, Penn State, Louisville, and Butler in December […]

Indiana’s losing streak hits six – let me propose a fix that allows fans to help
January 26, 2019

Indiana is not playing good, tough, collective basketball, and fan frustration is about to explode all over Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Seven weeks are left in this season, and it appears to be heading to a destination all Indiana fans have are way too familiar with – disappointment. The majority of the last 25 seasons […]

Indiana University Basketball fans are insane, and there is apparently no cure! #iubb
January 23, 2019

Don’t take offense to the headline – I’m right there with you! Every year, we invest in the believe that this will be the year the glory of ol’ IU returns to Assembly Hall.  Every year, we shake our heads in dismay.  Wash, rinse, repeat. This year, hope seemed reasonable because it’s Archie Miller’s second […]