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Armaan Franklin’s decision comes down to six factors, with cash being chief among them
April 7, 2021

Armaan Franklin is ruminating this afternoon.  The decision before him is this – where should I play college basketball for the next two years to put myself in the best position to make millions of dollars in the NBA? Sure, there are other considerations like friendships, comfort in surroundings, geographic proximity to family, and loyalty, but lotto-esque […]

Indiana Basketball – Dane Fife hired! Joining Woodson’s staff!
April 5, 2021

Dane Fife is coming back to his alma mater. Indiana is hiring Fife as a member of Mike Woodson’s staff, and it is a very positive sign for the Hoosiers. Fife has worked at Michigan State for the last eight seasons, and is best remembered by Hoosiers fans as a leader on its last run to […]

Mike Woodson is the coach who will put the Indiana back in Indiana Basketball
March 30, 2021

Mike Woodson stood at the podium, told the truth, and Indiana became Indiana again. That wouldn’t be enough at most universities as they introduce a new basketball coach, and it wasn’t enough at Indiana the last two times it’s gone through a regime change.  IU needed the fight song, allusions to previous and future banners, and […]

Indiana Basketball welcomes back the low-key direct honesty of Mike Woodson
March 29, 2021

The event announcing the hire of Mike Woodson as the 30th basketball coach in Indiana University history was not designed to win over fans and media like the previous two. There were no bands, fireworks, or bold predictions.  Red carpets, frenzied applause, or inspirational videos were also absent. Maybe the lack of dynamism was due to it […]

Indiana Basketball – Armaan Franklin enters the transfer portal
March 23, 2021

Indiana’s Armaan Franklin entering the NCAA’s Transfer Portal is not good news, but it isn’t necessarily bad news either. Franklin’s name in the portal allows schools to contact him – or Franklin to contact schools he may be interested in transferring to.  The player can also choose to have his name removed from the portal and Indiana […]