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Kurt Warner’s video critique of Colts QB Carson Wentz paints a very bleak picture
January 12, 2022

TV coverage doesn’t do Colts quarterback Carson Wentz justice. We watched the Colts play the 2-14 Jaguars on TV through a series of closeups too tight to see the entire play.  As a result, we are left to wonder if the offense fails because of the offensive line, Jaguars defensive excellence, receivers inability to get […]

Colts on Hard Knocks premiers tonight – expect little drama and lots of wholesome
November 17, 2021

HBO’s Hard Knocks premieres tonight, and the Indianapolis Colts will regret allowing cameras behind the curtain of their operation. This is the first time the Colts have been featured on Hard Knocks and also the first time HBO has profiled a team in the midst of the regular season.  All other behind the scenes looks at […]