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Schedule released for IU Basketball – Hoosiers look bubblicious again
August 23, 2019

My optimism for Indiana Basketball needs to be validated at some point or I’m going to sound like one of those boobs in Bedford who predict a sixth National Championship before every season. The schedule was released today, and I’m feeling very good about the chance for the Hoosiers to find a way back into […]

Might cost a little money – but moving Bucket Game to Lucas Oil Stadium makes sense
August 21, 2019

Because the Old Oaken Bucket Game between Indiana and Purdue is played on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, both IU and Purdue students are home for the long weekend rather than in Bloomington and West Lafayette. That’s the argument for moving the Bucket Game from a rotating home and home series to Lucas Oil Stadium.  If […]

Raiders Antonio Brown is either crazy or wants to sit out the preseason
August 19, 2019

Wide receivers are crazy, and the better they are, the crazier they are allowed to be. Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is really good, has become really crazy, and the Raiders now have no choice but to embrace it. When he played for the Steelers, Brown’s antics expressing displeasure with the offense and quarterback […]

Exhaustively researched rankings of every Chicago Cubs manager from 1-to-60
August 16, 2019

60 – Vedie Himsl (10-21) – Himsl led the Cubs during three unsuccessful stints as the leader of the College of Coaches in 1961.  What made him the worst of those guys who were forced to operate in an idiotic experiment?  Nothing, but he’s the best known of the bunch because his name is fun […]