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Love affair interrupted – Chad Kelly released from the practice squad; dream ends for Colts fans
September 30, 2020

Football fans love them some third string quarterbacks, so it was inevitable Colts fans would embrace 2019 preseason hero Chad Kelly as their underdog de jour. Love for Kelly blossomed last preseason because he was more decisive and productive that either starter Jacoby Brissett or backup Brian Hoyer, who did set the bar nice and low in those two categories. […]

NFL mandate for coaches to wear masks is an optical illusion
September 29, 2020

NFL coaches being forced to wear masks on the sidelines during games is absurd, but they do it because it is expensive not to. A week after five NFL coaches were dinged to the tune of $100K apiece and their teams clipped for a quarter-mil each for mask violations, it seems the league bought compliance […]

Purdue bounces 13 student-athletes, and I love it!
September 29, 2020

My Man Mitch! Stupidity must have a consequence, or it will be repeated.  Purdue president Mitch Daniels clearly believes in that axiom.  Because he does, 13 student-athletes were suspended from the university yesterday. THAT’S education! When Daniels enacted the Protect Purdue Pledge, he meant business.  Violate its terms, and the result is adios, goodbye, and don’t […]

Colts receiver Michael Pittman out after surgery for Compartment Syndrome
September 28, 2020

Ouch! Colts coach Frank Reich told the media a few moments ago that previous reports of a healthy roster exiting Lucas Oil Stadium following their 36-7 decimation of the New York Jets were premature.  Michael Pittman, Jr, is going to be out for awhile following surgery for Compartment Syndrome in his lower leg. If you are […]

Nine takeaways from Colts dominating 36-7 win against hapless Jets
September 27, 2020

The Colts beat a horrifyingly bad Jets team this evening 36-7, and so their record runs to a respectable 2-1. What can we take away from the three hours of drama free football we enjoyed/endured this afternoon? #9 – Frank Gore is a hell of a professional.  At 37, while playing for the worst team […]