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Either Boomer Esiason is wrong or some college football coaches are evil incarnate
June 30, 2020

Clemson Football has 37 players who have tested positive for COVID-19 – roughly one-third of Dabo Swinney’s Tigers.  That’s a huge percentage if his program is paying attention to protocols for safety. It’s easy to make an assumption or two, start connecting dots, and come up with an intriguing and (hopefully) ridiculous conspiracy theory about why Clemson’s infection rate has risen […]

Passionate & idiotic @UCLA Student Council wrong about NCAA and college athletics
May 27, 2020

The line between adult and child glowed brightly today as the UCLA Student Council approved an incendiary resolution that was then sent to a variety of California and university officials. It reads in part, “As we look at the rampant negligence and mistreatment of student-athletes in NCAA sports, it’s clear that colleges can not be trusted with policing […]

With a gun to its head, NCAA moves forward to do right thing – finally
April 29, 2020

Nothing screams “The NCAA has it twisted and backwards” like the headline to its announcement on likely changes to its rules governing a student-athlete’s ability to profit for his or her brand value: “The NCAA’s highest governing body has taken unprecedented steps to allow college athletes to be compensated for their name, image and likeness” What […]