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Slick Leonard’s exemplary life has ended, but his impact will be felt in Indiana forever
April 14, 2021

Slick Leonard channeled his athleticism into the 1953 National Championship at Indiana University and a seven-year NBA career, his leadership into three ABA championships with the Indiana Pacers, his audacity into successful efforts to keep the Pacers in Indianapolis, his charisma and enthusiasm into a 35 year career as a broadcaster, and his love of […]

Indiana Pacers fans will welcome Paul George back to town with boos – as they should
April 13, 2021

Some cities vibe will self-important duplicitous athletes.  Indianapolis is not one of them. Paul George evolved during his time as an Indiana Pacers from humble rookie who wanted to fit in with his new teammates and city into a diva who created his own nickname and embraced his brand as more valuable than his relationship […]