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Problem with radio is not technological – it’s about the content
June 25, 2019

Radio’s death has been greatly exaggerated for the past 20 years.  Since digital audio became a thing, people have been sounding the alarm that traditional radio is on its last legs. Those last legs continue to run, and the reason has nothing to do with closing the tech gap, app growth, or the advantage radio has […]

Chet Coppock killed in Georgia car wreck – he was one of a kind
April 18, 2019

Chet Coppock was bigger than life, and part of the best talk radio lineup I ever heard as the Sportstalk component on The Loop, AM1000 in Chicago. Often wearing a full length mink coat, Coppock was a unique presence in Chicago sports media – boastful, loud, and connected, he was the voice of record during the […]