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HBO’s “Hard Knocks – In Season” will expose good & bad of your Indianapolis Colts
November 4, 2021

Allowing television cameras where people work is always a dicey proposition.  People working there rarely shine compared to the images created by our imaginations. HBO and the NFL have partnered on a behind the scenes look at pro-football training camps for a number of years.  The annual ritual of watching Hard Knocks goes like this.  Fans […]

Rachel Nichols drama at ESPN should be instructive for all in sports media
July 7, 2021

Arrogance is repulsive to people.  We don’t like the arrogant.  That is especially true for those who work in a profession as disposable as sports media. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols expressed arrogance in a not-so-private phone call, and she is being held accountable by being taken off the network’s NBA Finals coverage.  Eventually, she might lose […]