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NFL Brawl primer – here are facts on Browns Myles Garrett helmet swinging insanity
November 15, 2019

As the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped a nondescript game last night, something quite descript happened. Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett took Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph to the ground after Rudolph delivered a screen pass that should have ended the game.  Rudolph began grabbing at Garrett’s helmet.  Garrett took exception and pulled Rudolph’s helmet from his […]

The fix for terrible NFL officiating is to trust and empower the refs by eliminating replay
October 14, 2019

Here’s what happens when an employee every decision is second guessed – he or she works to be perfect, and perfect doesn’t exist. That’s part of the reason officiating in the NFL continues to erode.  Replay expands to pass interference calls, and all of a sudden flags fly all over the field.  Penalties are being called 16% more […]

Never invite a crazy person to your party; Chapter 49 – Raiders to suspend Antonio Brown
September 5, 2019

Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is objectively believed to be crazy.  He’s setting a new standard for NFL narcissism, and that’s saying something. Brown reportedly had a disagreement with GM Mike Mayock yesterday that nearly escalated into a fistfight.  Because of that, and a short but colorful history of non-compliance with management, Brown will be […]