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The fix for terrible NFL officiating is to trust and empower the refs by eliminating replay
October 14, 2019

Here’s what happens when an employee every decision is second guessed – he or she works to be perfect, and perfect doesn’t exist. That’s part of the reason officiating in the NFL continues to erode.  Replay expands to pass interference calls, and all of a sudden flags fly all over the field.  Penalties are being called 16% more […]

Never invite a crazy person to your party; Chapter 49 – Raiders to suspend Antonio Brown
September 5, 2019

Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is objectively believed to be crazy.  He’s setting a new standard for NFL narcissism, and that’s saying something. Brown reportedly had a disagreement with GM Mike Mayock yesterday that nearly escalated into a fistfight.  Because of that, and a short but colorful history of non-compliance with management, Brown will be […]

Raiders Antonio Brown is either crazy or wants to sit out the preseason
August 19, 2019

Wide receivers are crazy, and the better they are, the crazier they are allowed to be. Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is really good, has become really crazy, and the Raiders now have no choice but to embrace it. When he played for the Steelers, Brown’s antics expressing displeasure with the offense and quarterback […]