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Colts playoff hopes dim after utter collapse in Baltimore
October 12, 2021

Sickening.  Pitiful.  Heartbreaking. The Colts overtime loss to the Ravens was all those things.  Any night, losing after leading 22-3 with 18 minutes left in regulation would be galling.  At 1-3 on the road with playoff hopes on the line, it’s the kind of result that ends careers, a season, and devalues a meticulously built culture. […]

Colts won because the Dolphins lost, but that shouldn’t rob us of joy and hope!
October 4, 2021

Hope is what gets us up in the morning.  It’s what makes life fun.  Sports mirrors life in many ways.  Hope makes sports fun too. Yesterday, the Colts gave fans reason for hope.  The first three games – all losses – sucked a lot of hope out of Indianapolis.  But because the Colts beat the Dolphins […]