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Philip Rivers will win some and lose some for Colts – Get used to it!
October 12, 2020

Colts quarterback Philip Rivers threw two ill-advised passes yesterday that were caught by Cleveland Browns defenders, and they cost the Colts the game.  Rivers did the same thing against the Jaguars a month ago.  He will do it again. For the Chargers last year, Rivers did the same against the Kansas City Chiefs twice, Denver […]

Time is coming for Colts, but 2020 is not going to be their year for four reasons
October 6, 2020

Minds are being lost over the Indianapolis Colts 3-1 start.  Indulging in optimism is fine, but it’s time to ratchet back the hyperbole a couple of levels. The Colts are in a beautiful position moving forward with tens of millions under the cap to spend (or not) during the upcoming offseason.  General manager Chris Ballard […]

Colts lose 27-20 – is it time yet to question why we keep expecting them to win?
September 13, 2020

Uh-oh. We know all the banal little sayings about the NFL.  “Any given Sunday,” “It’s only one game,” and “It’s not how you start but how you finish that counts,” are repeated over and over throughout the season.  Of course, they are as accurate as they are trite, especially after a game like the Colts 27-20 […]

Top 7 reasons I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan and recommend you become one
July 20, 2020

Assuming you are one of the Indiana residents who is a fan of the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, or Detroit Loins despite the Colts being from your home state, I am going to do my best to convince you that the Colts are more deserving of your rabid loyalty than the team for whom you currently […]