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College Basketball transfers short-circuit a wonderful lesson about sports and life
May 26, 2020

The question of allowing graduate  transfers to compete without loss of eligibility is very complicated because transferring is rarely beneficial for a student-athlete or his sport. Our childhoods are about dreams – what we aspire to be.  Adolescence teaches us what we cannot become and how we need to adjust our sites toward what we […]

Nojel Eastern denied himself an opportunity to grow by indulging in hope at Michigan
May 15, 2020

Nojel Eastern decided to transfer from Purdue.  He communicated that decision on Tuesday.  Yesterday (Thursday) it was revealed that he will play for Michigan.  This morning on “Breakfast with Kent,” I mocked Eastern’s shooting, saying “If Juwan Howard promised Eastern a green light to shoot, I hope he uses it liberally when Michigan plays Purdue […]

Nojel Eastern decides it might be time to pursue his NBA dreams elsewhere
May 12, 2020

College athletes get four seasons to compete, and Purdue Basketball player Nojel Eastern appears eager to use his fourth somewhere else.  I don’t get it. When I saw the release announcing Eastern is entering the portal, I tried to make sense of it somehow, someway.  College athletes often feel the grass is greener somewhere else, […]