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Opening Day for the Cubs – Bad News for Baseball’s Most Moronic Fans
March 31, 2013

by Kent Sterling There is no punchline worthy of the beginning of baseball’s best joke – How stupid are Cubs fans? Scores of sentimental dork sportswriters romanticize this ridiculous bunch.  Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times extolled the virtue of the 2.88 million who poured through the turnstyles to watch one of the worst teams […]

Cubs GM Jim Hendry (Again) Gives Fans a Great Reason Why He Should Be Fired
July 11, 2010

by Kent Sterling Jim Hendry can’t open his mouth without showing his uselessness as a shepherd of this foundering franchise.  With the highest payroll in the National League and highest average ticket price, Hendry spoke of the future of manager Lou Piniella. “He’s done so many good things – not only for us, but in […]