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Chicago Cubs – Gutless Front Office Likely to Fire Dale Sveum
September 20, 2013

by Kent Sterling “Headed in the Right Direction” is how Chicago media and fans continue to describe the baseball franchise responsible for provide more misery for fans than any other in baseball history.  If the group currently running the USS Cubbies is circles is to be credited for anything, it’s assembling a roster so putrid […]

Happy 25th Birthday to Wrigley Field Lights – They Haven’t Helped Much
August 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling Twenty-five years ago tonight, an exceptionally old man named Harry Grossman wheezed, “Let there be lights!”, pressed a button on a box with some wires sticking out of the bottom, and the lights came on at Wrigley Field for the first time. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter Grossman was one […]