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When Victor Oladipo shoots less than once every two minutes, Pacers are a better team
February 4, 2020

It’s been less than a week since Victor Oladipo played his first game for the Indiana Pacers since tearing his quad tendon just over a year ago, so drawing conclusions about his ability to contribute to what has been a surprisingly good season are way premature. We can believe this though – when Oladipo shoots less than […]

Victor Oladipo returns for the Pacers with his quad strong and confidence intact
January 29, 2020

There has always been more to Pacers guard Victor Oladipo than outrageous verticality, cat-like quickness, and contagious energy. He’s been a wise and confident young man since showing up as a lightly recruited freshman at Indiana University.  I interviewed Oladipo when he got to campus, and I felt like he might have been the most […]

Top 10 reasons I jumped the gun to love these Indiana Pacers
January 20, 2020

If I fall in love with a Pacers team, it usually takes a long time – a year or more with the same core group.  I waived the waiting period this year. Wins and losses rarely determine which teams I love, but these Pacers have been quite successful with.a 28-15 record despite Victor Oladipo not playing a […]