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NCAA Needs to Allow Athletes to Profit from Image/Autographs
August 5, 2013

by Kent Sterling The NCAA is reportedly investigating  Johnny Manziel for taking a payment in exchange for signing his name a few dozen times.  If they find Manziel took one dollar, his eligibility at Texas A&M will likely be permanently lost. No big deal for Johnny Football as he has tweeted that being a Heisman […]

Johnny Manziel Being Investigated for Profiting from Autograph Signing
August 4, 2013

by Kent Sterling Escape comes in many forms.  Former quarterback phenom Todd Marinovich told us yesterday that he sought relief from fame through drugs.  It appears Johnny Manziel has found another means of crippling his own collegiate career. The reason it’s always best for athletes to stay quiet is to keep from being a target […]