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Mike Rice Fired Because Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti Wants to Keep His Job
April 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling People are weasels.  That’s a pretty good rule of thumb for dealing with successful men and women in business.  Find the road that is most expedient, and then watch as that is the one chosen by men like Rutgers president Robert Barchi and athletic director Tim Pernetti.  They rarely surprise us. The […]

Mike Rice Will Be Fired Today by Rutgers “Leader” Tim Pernetti
April 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling Doing what’s right doesn’t matter a damn to most administrators, and Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti said as much yesterday.  The right thing would have been to fire basketball coach Mike Rice as soon as anyone with the authority to do so saw the videotape showing physical and verbal abuse the first […]