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Why do I love Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman? His entertaining honesty
December 13, 2016

Nothing beats honesty in a forum where you normally get relentless cliches. Ask Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman a question, and let the good times roll.  Sherman is not only honest; he’s fearless – and wildly entertaining. You might not always agree with what he says, but virtually everything he says elicits a response.  When Sherman’s […]

Marshawn Lynch exactly right in assessing Super Bowl play call
March 2, 2015

by Kent Sterling Haters gonna hate, and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has his share of haters because of his aversion to talking to the media. What he said over the weekend to a Turkish TV network in his first meaningful comments about the controversial play call that led to a game-deciding interception in […]

Five Games In – How Good Are the Colts and Trent Richardson?
October 11, 2013

by Bert Beiswanger So, five games into the season and discussions have already started with friends of mine about how good the Colts are coming off the solid win against Seattle last Sunday. With so many blue faithful giddy after the win, it’s a fair discussion. As can be the case with these types of […]