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Indy’s Morning Sports List – 10 things sports parents can do to maximize experience for kids
December 10, 2015

There is a harrowing and tragic first-person recollection by former NHL player Patrick O’Sullivan about beatings, fear, and misery inflicted by a father at theplayerstribune.com that all sports parents should read. O’Sullivan’s dad was a frustrated hockey player who tried to live his failed dreams through Patrick.  His motivational techniques were barbaric, and while O’Sullivan played in the […]

Indy’s Morning Sports List – Six ways for sports parents to help kids enjoy & learn
November 25, 2015

The mother of Indiana University forward Troy William vented in a Facebook post yesterday.  She wrote, “I just heard Crean said he is not starting Troy because he said Troy didn’t play well yesterday!!  Okay it’s time for Troy to get the F**K OUT OF IU!!”  I inserted the asterisks, not Mrs. Williams. There are […]