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Justice is served as Rick Pitino settles his lawsuit against Louisville for $0
September 19, 2019

I love justice.  The moments when justice happens seem few and far between, but that only makes them more enjoyable. When former basketball coach Rick Pitino sued the University of Louisville for more than $35-million in a wrongful termination lawsuit, I feared U of L might be forced to pay something to their ex-coach whose […]

NCAA’s letter to California governor shows SB206 a step in the right direction
September 11, 2019

Universities making up the membership of the NCAA do not like change – especially when that change doesn’t stuff their coffers with cash.  They turn downright petulant when the idea of athletes earning money is advanced. When bureaucrats and administrators get angry, they dash offs letters filled with cleverly worded threats and at least a dozen […]

Jason Gardner resignation as IUPUI basketball coach sadly makes sense
August 29, 2019

Former IUPUI men’s basketball coach Jason Gardner’s night was way too long, and his coaching career way too short. Gardner has resigned as the men’s basketball coach at IUPUI.  That is not a good thing for IUPUI or Jason, but it is appropriate. According to a police report, Gardner fell asleep behind the wheel of his […]

USC Basketball pays the father of two top recruits a lot of money to secure their services
August 6, 2019

Corruption in college basketball is alive, well, and legal. USC Basketball got great news it expected yesterday when Evan Mosley, the top ranked recruit in the 2020 high school class, committed to the Trojans.  They got similarly good news last year when Evan’s brother Isaiah committed.  He’s another five-star recruit. Eric Mobley, Evan and Isaiah’s dad, was hired by […]