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Indiana loses, falls in bracket projections, so Archie Miller attacks Joe Lunardi
March 7, 2020

Indiana lost to Wisconsin today at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, so the Hoosiers will be the 11-seed in next week’s Big 10 Tournament.  Without a win or two in Indianapolis next week, they may be relegated to a second straight bid in the NIT. IU coach Archie Miller knows it, and he took a swing at the […]

NCAA needs to get out of its own way and approve immediate eligibility for transfers!
February 18, 2020

When a company hosts a brain storm, most ideas are dismissed immediately, a few are earmarked for further discussion, and some are approved as “just do.”  The NCAA needs approve immediate eligibility for first-time transfers as a “just-do.” Instead, this change in legislation will continue down the path of entrenched bureaucracy the NCAA has created to slow […]