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Tim Brando was wrong, Indiana had a great reason to hang its head yesterday
January 29, 2018

“Nothing to hang their heads about,” said Fox broadcaster Tim Brando about Indiana losing to Purdue yesterday. Brando is not affiliated with the Hoosiers or he would know that is not true. When Indiana’s basketball program sinks to a depth that allows the Hoosiers to indulge in feeling good about themselves after losing to Purdue […]

NCAA prez Mark Emmert with more big words – when will there be action?
January 21, 2018

Mark Emmert is either a good man losing the battle as he paddles against the stiff tide of corruption, or a shameless con artist who continues to blather in opposition to his own understanding that cheating in college basketball is as firmly embraced and long-standing as the 10-foot height of the rim. He’s the NCAA […]

If student-athletes transfers need to sit out a year, should coaches have to sit as well?
January 17, 2018

There is a proposal at the NCAA Convention being held this week in Indianapolis that would allow student-athletes in football and men’s basketball to transfer without sitting out a year. For those who view athletes as collegiate cattle, this means armageddon.  There will be chaos – athletes running from program to program willy nilly, coaches tampering […]