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5 things Colts need to do to beat the Chiefs and move on to the AFC Championship
January 9, 2019

People in Kansas City believe the divisional round playoff game between their top seeded Chiefs and #6 seed Indianapolis Colts will be a coronation. It’s the NFL’s most dominant offense against the cute upstarts from that jerkwater town in the middle of a jerkwater state.  It’s barbecue against funnel cakes for the people of that oh-so-cosmopolitan […]

Indianapolis Colts hit what they hope is bottom in 30-14 loss to Chiefs
October 30, 2016

The Colts win ugly, and lose uglier.  Today, they lost the the Kansas City Chiefs 30-14 in a game where the team that backpedalled the slowest won the race – again. Today’s loss to the Chiefs was virtually without redeeming value.  Turnovers, drops, penalties, and an extended Nick Foles sighting made this yet another game […]

Indianapolis Colts – Anatomy of the Greatest Play in Team Postseason History
January 6, 2014

by Kent Sterling Once in awhile, if you watch sports long enough, something so incredible happens that it defies rational explanation of belief.  If that play happens during a make or break moment in a postseason NFL game during an improbable comeback, it becomes legendary. The Colts 45-44 win over the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday […]