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Indianapolis Colts Go to 1-0 with Less Than Convincing 21-17 Win Over Oakland Raiders
September 8, 2013

by Kent Sterling All the Colts who contributed mightily to the Colts opening day win over the woeful Oakland Raiders, please stand up.  If your name isn’t Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, or LaRon Landry, sit your asses back down. Click here to follow Kent on Twitter The problems with the performance of the Colts were […]

Indianapolis Colts – Raiders Dennis Allen Refuses to Name Starter, But Does Anyway
September 3, 2013

by Kent Sterling There is no chance – none, zero, null set – that the Oakland Raiders are going to beat the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in the regular season opener for both teams.  And Oakland coach Dennis Allen knows it. Not naming a starting quarterback for “competitive reasons” tells fans everything they need to […]