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Ten reasons Dan Dakich is the best talk radio host in Indianapolis
February 29, 2016

There is a petition being circulated via social media to remove Dan Dakich from 1070 the Fan, and it is having exactly the opposite effect if the management at Emmis listens to it correctly. Only one unpardonable sin exists in media, and that is to inspire indifference.  Dan is definitively not the cause of any […]

Indy’s Morning Sports List – Nine of my favorite sports media types in Indiana
December 4, 2015

[Ed. Note – These are not rankings, and since their original publication early this morning I have removed the numbers to alleviate any confusion.  Seems several of the people listed were quite sensitive as to where they fell on the list.  I literally drew their names out of a hat  to determine the order.  There […]

Indy Morning Sports List – Top 9 things wrong with sports radio
November 12, 2015

Things that are wrong with sports radio are also wrong with the rest of media, so this headline is way too specific. People in media sadly aren’t the sharpest tacks in the drawer, so we tend to not see life as a collaborative and fun exploit filled with adventure and productive endeavors. Because we in radio […]

IU vs. Ohio State pregame to be filled with boobs, beers, and bombast!
October 2, 2015

by Kent Sterling For many years I have offered my services to Indiana University as a special deputy chancellor for fun, but sadly my phone continues to sit silent. My first act in that position would be to approve a one-time special waiver to serve beer at the Dan Dakich Gameday Broadcast and Celebration tomorrow.  Kegs […]

Rick Venturi best part of Colts preseason debut as TV analyst
August 17, 2015

by Kent Sterling Colts fans have become used to disappointing results in the preseason.  Last year’s 0-4 preseason record brought shrugs because fans were smart enough to know they would celebrate an AFC South Championship. We know that nobody remembers the preseason once the regular season rolls around.  Despite the impulse to believe what we […]

Indianapolis sports media – sane perspective from reasonable people sets Indy apart
May 6, 2015

by Kent Sterling In most cities, columnists and radio hosts routinely monitor each other to see what plot of intellectual territory goes unclaimed, and they plant their flag there.  If one guy says the local NFL team had a great draft, another will say it was atrocious. Journalism isn’t a matter of honest and heartfelt […]